• Are your watches high quality? Is it the same as the real watch?

Every replica watches sold by Replica Magic 3 has AAA+ quality. Every detail of these 1:1 replica watches is identical to the real watch.

  • Can I pay by credit card?

You can of course pay with a credit card. Besides credit cards we also offer other payment methods such as direct bank transfer, western union, PayPal etc. You can choose your own payment method before you pay.

  • Why did my order payment fail?

The reason for payment failure is usually because your account opening bank has banned your purchases. You can change your payment method or call your bank.

  • Does the replica watches come with a box and certificate? Or do I need to buy it separately?

The watch box will need to be purchased separately. In addition, a replica watch comes with one strap, so if you need another strap, you will have to buy it separately.

  • Can you send me more pictures of the fake watch?

Sorry, we won’t send you any more pictures. We have uploaded fully detailed pictures in the shop.

  • Are the watches water resistant?

Every replica watch sold by Replica Magic 3 is water resistant but not waterproof. So we don’t recommend you to wear them while bathing, swimming or surfing. Otherwise, their one year warranty will be voided.

  • How many days will the shipping take?

When you place your order, it will take two business days for us to confirm the order and fully inspect the clone watch. After two days, the replica watch you purchased will be shipped. The shipping method can be DHL or EMS. Generally speaking, their shipping time is 3~5 days and 7~15 days respectively.

  • Can I track my AAA watch?

We will send you an email as soon as the copy watch is shipped. The order number is in this email, and you can copy the order number to track it within the DHL or EMS website.

  • Can your super clone watch be delivered to my house?

Of course, it can be delivered to your home. Replica Magic 3 supports global orders. However, different locations will take different shipping times due to different distances.

  • Impact of COVID-19

In 2020, shipping of all items is slowed down due to COVID-19. It will now take 20-30 days to ship. Our replica watches can still be sent all over the world.